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Philia is an ancient greek word used in the bible meaning "highest form of love" whereas Fling is a brief relationship only for pleasure and enjoyment.

Everything started with the word ‘love’ more focused towards sacred, poetic and heavenly love. The idea became propagating long meaningful love stories rather than the short temporary ones which are only focused on body pleasures and that is the reason the collection is named ‘Philia over Fling’. Embracing deep true love became my thought process to proceed with the design process. The collection is inspired by the song “I’ll never find another you” by the Australian pop music group ‘The Seekers’ from the album of 1965. The first verse of the song inspired the most and the song writer has mentioned ‘Promised Land’ in the second line of the first verse of the song which became the theme of the collection. Everyone has different interpretation of words in a poem or a song, so while trying to understand the meaning of ‘Promised Land’ according to the song writer, the imagination of the place which is called ‘Promised Land’ sets the mood for the collection. The heavenly interpretation and imagination of a place for real life true lovers has been explained in the form of videos. It is an inclusive collection which respects all kinds of bodies in their respective shape, size and color. We respect art in form of body tattoos and hair color. The collection is a sustainable collection as all the waste fabric pieces of the collection were used as a raw material for the last bra made. Surface embellishments, fabric technique and additional element use in the collection are hand embroidery, ruffles, gathers, bead artwork and dyeing. The whole process of dyeing fabric and trims is done in house by the designer. This collection is designed to make women feel more confident about themselves in their natural bodies. It has been made keeping in mind the opinionated, rebel and empowered woman of twenty first century with all the courage and boldness required to break the stereotypes and live free.

The lingerie collection has been made to make a difference, to accept normalcy and to break stereotypes which resist happiness and growth.













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